Malian Prime Minister Announces Complaint against ECOWAS Sanctions

© AFP : A complaint will be filed against the economic sanctions imposed by ECOWAS and UEMOA. This was announced yesterday by the transitional Prime Minister, Choguel Maïga, in an interview of nearly an hour and a half broadcast on ORTM, Mali’s state television.

The head of the transitional government also mentioned the continuation of negotiations with ECOWAS, the attitude of France or the “rumors” about the presence in the country of the Wagner group.

A complaint will be lodged with sub-regional, African and international institutions against sanctions deemed ” illegal  “. The transitional Prime Minister believes that their real objective is to ” destabilize Mali ” and to ”  finish off  ” ” a people already on the ground  “.

And according to Choguel Maïga, it is France that would be in charge.

Review the Defense Agreements
Going back to the beginning of the French military intervention in the country, the head of government accuses Paris of working for  the “disintegration  ” of the state and reiterates the intention of the transitional authorities to reread defense agreements deemed ”  unbalanced  ” . 

As for ECOWAS, its “ error is to bring everything back to elections ” which are “ not an end in themselves ”, judge Choguel Maïga. Which recalls the evils of the country – disputed elections, corruption, embezzlement of public money, impunity, insecurity – to justify the need for reform before going to the vote. The commitments made by the authorities and by himself? “  The mission is sacred, but the terrain commands  ,” he says.

We don’t want ”  humiliation  “
” We are not closing the door to dialogue “, also recalls the transitional Prime Minister, ” but what we do not want is”  humiliation  “and a return  to “slavery  “.

No indication of a new proposed electoral timetable. 

Finally, on the presence of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group in the country, Choguel Maïga again denies the “ rumours  ”: “ psychological warfare and intoxication cannot disturb us  ”.

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