Borno Seeks WHO Help to Prevent Cholera, Kills 50 People

The Borno State government has sought the World Health Organisation (WHO) help to halt the spread of cholera that has already killed over 50 people.

The health emergency appeal; was contained in September 14, 2022 letter of Director of Public Health, Dr. Goni Abba in the Ministry of Health and Human Resources to the UN health organisation.

According to him, the Ministry has recorded 710 cases of cholera in seven Local Government Areas of the state.

“We are seeking the immediate assistance of international medical charities to contain the further spread of cholera that killed 50 people,” he said, warning that cholera could be fatal, if not treated immediately.

He said that the outbreak has put over one million people at risk of infections that could cause more deaths in the affected local councils, including Maiduguri metropolis.

He further disclosed that after collecting stool samples of patients, over 50 were tested positive of the water borne disease.

In containing further spread of cholera, he said: “All the necessary steps have been deployed by the Health Ministry to contain the outbreak,”

“It is against this background that we are seeking your support and commitment for treatment and containment of the Acute Watery Diarrhoea/Cholera in the state.”

Besides the measures, he added that the state government is expected for the prompt response of WHO and other emergency global health agencies.

Cholera is a water-borne bacterial infection that affects the intestinal tracks and is associated with vomiting, watery stool, dehydration and fatigue.

The water disease is transmitted by house flies when they come in contact with food.

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