Sahel Standard Personality Of The Week celebrates Nicholas Hamilton

•••He is a limit defier, racing driver, motivational speaker

Nicolas Hamilton is a prime example  of  ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it’.
Born 2 months premature with Cerebral Palsy on 28 March 1992 in Stevenage, United Kingdom, as a child his parents were told he would never walk due to his cerebral palsy, that he would spend his life reliant on a wheelchair and that his eyesight was extremely poor it would deteriorate as he got older.

After years of hard work and dedication in overcoming his condition from wheelchair bound to walking unaided by the age of 17, thanks to his determination and training, Nicolas’ parents decided to agree to his request to be allowed to race. He was given the opportunity to race in the highly competitive Renault Clio Cup series in 2011.

This naturally was a baptism of fire given that this would be his first attempt at motorsport with no previous experience. However, Nicolas faced the challenges with the same dedication and determination that his disability presents to him on a daily basis, proved himself against a field of able-bodied drivers and showed the world of motorsport that a disabled driver can be just as competitive in an able-bodied sport, through hard work.

Brother of seven time Formula 1 World champion, Lewis Hamilton, in 2015 Nicolas became the first disabled athlete to compete in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), creating history.
He still competes in the BTCC.

Nicholas continuously strives to overcome the pain, strains and endless struggles resulting from his disability. He is young, hungry, determined and believes that his disability will not prevent him from achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a successful racing driver.
Nicolas’ racing inspires both disabled and able-bodied individuals worldwide to show that pushing to better yourself, regardless of your life situation, is possible.

Motivational Speaker.
As well as racing, Nicolas is a prolific speaker, focused on sharing his inspirational story and his belief that your ambition is limited only by your attitude. Delivered in his genuine, down-to-earth, friendly manner, Nicolas keynotes recount his personal story of motivation, facing down challenges and overcoming adversity as well as the lessons in teamwork that his sport has instilled.
Some of his clients have included Auto Trader, Google, KPMG, LLOYDS Bank, Citi, Airbus, EA sports, Sky, Microsoft.

From a wheelchair user to motorsport history maker and record breaker, something which was always seen as impossible has been completely proven not to be.

He recently released his first book,
Now That I Have Your Attention: 7 Lessons in Leading a Life Bigger Than They Expect .

To him, his purpose is to inspire._


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