I’m not using bulletproof car as FCT Minister — Wike

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Barr Nyesome Wike has come out to debunk the viral social media story that he requested and is driving a bulletproof car as minister of the nation’s capital.

Speaking at the sidelines after the Abuja Light rail facility tour, the Minister openly showed his official car to newsmen and asked them to confirm if his official car was bulletproof.

Recall that a viral social media report had accused Wike of using an N300 million bulletproof vehicle, speculating that while he was taking a look at his official residence, he requested a bulletproof vehicle.

Wike, however, said that when he resumed office, the Permanent Secretary told him that there were official vehicles for him, and that is what he is using, not a bulletproof vehicle.

“I want you people to go hit your hand there (on the car) and see whether it is a treated car. With all due respect, people should be careful not to destroy other people.

“When I came, the Permanent Secretary said they have a car for us, and the car we use is this. I have never approved any car to be bought, and I have not used an official bullet-proof car. Whether I have cars as governor? Yes, as a governor, what do you expect I should have? But, as I’m not using the bulletproof car as FCT Minister, we should report the right thing and not destroy ourselves. I want you to take a look at where you have the flag and see whether it is a bullet-proof car.”

Wike also told journalists during the visit that the measure was part of his resolve to address challenges affecting public transportation in the FCT. According to him, transportation is one of the sectors he intends to transform in a short time to improve public transportation in the capital city.

“Transportation is one of the sectors we intend to intervene in the short time to reduce traffic congestion within the city. I know that we have a metro station in Abuja, and it is not working; why is it not working? Can we fix it within a short time? He asked.

“I assure the public that the rail transport system is a project we will take to the logical conclusion. Before commencing another project, we will need to determine which areas have the most traffic areas. This is very important to decongest areas with traffic congestion,” he said.

He told the management of CCECC Nig. Ltd, the construction company handling rail and rehabilitation projects to deliver quality projects.

After a train ride from the Metro Station to the Airport and Idu Stations to inspect the ongoing rehabilitation project of the rail system, the minister described it as a “good project.”

“This is one of the projects we will complete and put to use. The money for the rehabilitation is on the ground, and I have already directed the Permanent Secretary (FCT Administration, Mr Adesola Olusade) to make sure that the contractor is paid.” He assured.


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