Ardo: Sultan’s Silence on Kano Chieftaincy Crisis Isn’t Golden

A former special adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate in Adamawa state, Dr.Umar Ardo, has appealed to the Sultan of Sokoto as the head of the caliphate, to intervene in the emirship tussle in Kano State, because his continued silence was no longer golden.

Ardo also called on politicians involved in the Kano chasm to retrace their stepsArdo, in a statement said, “To this end, I call on His Eminence the Sultan, as head of the Caliphate estate, to immediately summon a meeting of Northern Traditional Rulers Council to deliberate on the matter and advise all concerned to the issue as to the best possible solution to the matter.“For the traditional leaders, their absolute silence on an issue that directly affects their own very institution is not at all golden.

“In fact, it is disappointing and denigrating to the traditional entity itself, portraying the occupiers of the institution’s stools as ineffective and their heritage and values as irrelevant in solving even their own institutional problems in modern society.

“As pointed out above, the Caliphate establishment is the umbrella that gives cover to all of us its members; it is our heritage and our pride, and we therefore cannot and should not sit by and watch the misinformed attempt to destroy its relevance and glory.

“And every right thinking northerner should feel sad as well. I equally feel disappointed with especially the Kano politicians whom I put the entire blame on for, by their faulty judgements, both in governance and politics, instigating the whole unfortunate situation,” he said.

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