“Osun Will Never Experience Another Rudderless Governance From You,” – PDP Tells APC

The Osun State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) advises the All Progressive Congress (APC) to abandon their fallacious aspirations of dislodging the ruling party in the state come 2026.

The ruling PDP described the electoral concussion-induced sensitization purportedly embarked upon by the APC as another round of tactless jamboree of immortality champions, merely seeking to exploit remnants of their members as usual.

A recent report had indicted the same set of APC opportunists in cahoots with the former Governor and their immediate past party Chairman, Prince Famodun of wicked exploitation in the guise of giving them slots in the ill-fated Local Government Election conducted by the lawless administration.

A statement from the Media Office of the party, endorsed by the State Chairman, Hon. Sunday Bisi, rebuked the APC’s unguarded utterances at their afterthought sensitization. Hon Sunday Bisi mocked the APC Chairman’s reported remarks as a confirmation of the lack of direction of the APC, even in opposition.

“Lawal and his associates exhibit a profound ignorance of good governance. Their criticisms since assuming the role of opposition reveal their ineptitude in understanding participatory administration in a truly democratic society.”

“The APC Chairman’s criticism of the current Osun State government could only stem from a blind mind with demented optic nerves, considering their party’s track record of failure and the giant strands the administration has recorded within the twinkle of just a year.”

“Anyone referring to the present government as having “nothing to offer” simply smacks of a lack of insight or perhaps due to selective memory on the part of the party of the politically handcuffed robbers, who have feasted illegally on the common patrimony of the state, after benefiting from the most widely acknowledged rigged election in Nigeria.”

“The assertion that the current administration has nothing to offer starkly contrasts the prevailing reality of tremendous progress in almost all sectors of development in the state.”

“The APC Chairman out of mischief and shake, conveniently overlooked the twelve years of rudderless governance under the APC, leaving behind a legacy of humongous debt burden weighing heavily on the state’s progress. This debt, accrued during the APC’s tenure, remains a caustic testament to their fiscal mismanagement.”

“Moreover, the dilapidated state of the civil service, a consequence of wicked neglect and mismanagement during Lawal’s party tenure, cannot be overlooked. The current administration has worked to rectify this ugly tag and the civil service is now beaming in dignity as required by global standard practice.”

“Rather than orchestrating mere sensitization programs for the party, Lawal should redirect his efforts towards acknowledging and taking responsibility for the damage his party inflicted on Osun State. Begging the people for forgiveness and understanding for the mismanagement, debt accumulation, and neglect of critical sectors like the civil service should be the priority.”

“Osun people have endured the consequences of the APC’s governance and are resolute in their stance: never again will they entertain the prospect of an APC-led administration again in this state. It’s time for Lawal and his party to come to terms with their past mistakes and focus on taking responsibility rather than baseless criticisms.”

“The future of Osun State necessitates a departure from the misguided policies and arrogant leadership of the past. Osun people are resolute and united in their rejection of APC in totality. The Opposition members are advised not to fall victim to internal scam Lawal and his journeymen are orchestrating against them as usual of their habit”, Osun PDP Chairman concluded.

Hon. Sunday Bisi
Osun State PDP Chairman

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