PDP Has Achieved More In One Year Than Your Party Did In 12 Years – Osun PDP Slams Owoeye Over “Nothing To Offer” Commentt

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the ruling party in Osun, has slammed the former Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Timothy Owoeye over his remark on the PDP administration in the state.

Reacting to the erroneous remark of the former Speaker, Osun PDP through the Publicity Secretary, Hon. Ayodeji Areola, described Owoeye’s comment as a sign that the ousted speaker has not moved on from the rejection he suffered in the March 18 poll.

“Owoeye’s assertion that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has achieved nothing since taking power from the All Progressives Congress (APC) reflects the huge bitterness driving him around, warning the former speaker to move on with whatever remains of his life to enable him regain objective consciousness about the one-year-old reign of PDP administration.”

“Owoeye should be corrected in his bitterness that it was the Osun People who rejected his party and not the fallacious pains he and other crusaders of failure exhibited in Ilesa, the epicentre of APC rejection in the state.”

“Had APC rented more mercenaries as Owoeye contemplated in the last election, he would still have lost as woefully as he did. So, it was the moonlight story of an embittered soul for Owoeye to attribute the disenchantment of some of his party members to the electoral earthquake that swallowed him and his APC failed regime.”

“It suffices to remind Owoeye that his rejection at the poll did not only manifest in the 2022 governorship battle but reflected effectively in the February and March general elections in which the good people of Osun State stood their ground and maintained their resolve against APC prodigality in the state”

“The electoral verdict of the people, notably the 2022 Gubernatorial Poll, alongside other national elections, was a firm referendum against the APC and confirmed the overwhelming choice of Osun people rather than unavoidable internal rifts within political parties. The Osun populace is not pawns to APC’s insatiable greed and having made to experience people-oriented governance in the past one year, it becomes easy for them to spot the differences between perpetual promises and real achievements.”

“Contrary to Owoeye’s claims, Governor Adeleke’s administration has embarked on rectifying the rots fiscal rascality which characterized APC administration. Numerous abandoned projects have now been revitalized, with some already completed. The Governor’s commitment to addressing these infrastructural deficits demonstrates his avowed dedication to the development of the state.”

“The dichotomy between the ‘Ojelu’ (the past administration) and the ‘Oselu’ (the present administration) is apparent now as our people can readily see. Governor Adeleke’s non-vindictive approach to governance stands in contrast to mere promises of progress without any cognitive action. Initiatives aimed at reviving infrastructure and bolstering key sectors of Osun economy are already yielding visible results.”

“Perhaps, the only thing the government of Governor Ademola Adeleke has refused to do so far this past year is to engage in activities leading to the carnage of the bloodbath, which remained a very dark spot in the democratic trajectory of Osun State during the calamitous regime of APC.”

“Moreover, it’s imperative to recognize that the pursuit of political power should not override the paramount goal of all-inclusive growth as envisioned by the founding fathers of the state. The moribund desire exhibited by Owoeye and his party to regain control of the state seems rooted in self-interest rather than a genuine commitment to the state’s advancement.”

“The future of Osun and that of the people should not be held hostage by the political ambition of few; instead, it should be steered by a collective desire for progress and development. Owoeye and his party have shown that their desperation to return to power is for their selfish interest because every lover of Osun development is strongly in support of Governor Adeleke.”

“Those genuinely interested in Osun’s prosperity would acknowledge the positive impact made within a year under Governor Adeleke’s tenure and actively support his re-election when it is time.

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