Ramadan: Senator Lere Oyewumi distributes food items to constituents

The Deputy Minority Leader of the Senate and the Senator representing Osun West Senatorial District, Lere Oyewumi, renowned for his unwavering commitment to community service, has he launched a compassionate initiative to distribute rice to the residents of Osun West Senatorial District in commemoration of the Ramadan season.

Recognizing the significance of Ramadan and the challenges faced by constituents during this sacred period, Senator Oyewumi stepped forward with a gesture of empathy and support, through the distribution of rice. He aims to alleviate the burden on households and ensure that families have access to essential food items during this time of fasting and reflection.

With a longstanding track record of exemplary service and deep compassion for the welfare of his constituents, Senator Lere Oyewumi continues to prioritize the well-being of the people he represents. This initiative is a testament to his commitment to serving the needs of the community and providing assistance where it is most needed.

As Ramadan begins, Senator Oyewumi’s rice distribution initiative serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity for the residents of Osun West Senatorial District. His dedication to supporting the community during times of need is deeply appreciated and admired by all.

Media Unit,
Office Of The Deputy Minority Leader of the Senate

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