Empower Subnational Gov’t to Deliver Climate Goals – Gov. Adeleke Urges World Community

As the world converges at the United Nations, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun state, Nigeria has called on world leaders to empower subnational entities to accelerate achievement of the Paris Agreements on climate change.

Speaking ahead of COP28 Dubai while receiving a report of the Governor’s Climate Advisory Council, Governor Adeleke affirmed that substantial gains can only be achieved on tackling climate change when states and local governments are strengthened and mobilized to implement mitigation and resilience projects.

According to him, he stated that,his message to world leaders ahead of COP28 is for them to refocus attention on the states and local governments. Funding should be redirected to reach regional and council governments while the central governments coordinate.

” The battle front now is for subnational entities to be prioritized. If the global community truly wants Paris agreements to be achieved, let us go local. Localisation should be the watchword within the climate space.

Adeleke, also called on leaders of the world to note the urgency of simplifying access to climate financing.

” The clamor I read has been inadequate financing. How accessible is the current available pool of funds?

” We need to make it easy to access funding for climate adaptation projects. We are to reduce bureaucracy and all those bottlenecks that slow down or even deny many actors of access to finance.

” For us in Osun state, we are committed to climate action. We welcome partnership with the National Council on Climate Change and other development partners. We have the political will to make a difference”, he said.

The Governor’s Climate Advisory Council had earlier presented a report of its partnership meeting with the National Council on Climate Change to the state Governor.

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