Osun Health Insurance Agency is Not Indebted to Any Service Provider- Management

• 4bn grant claim, a blatant lie

The management of Osun Health Insurance Agency has stated that the agency is not indebted to any service provider under the Osun Health Insurance Scheme.

The Executive Secretary of the Agency, Dr Rasaq Akindele while addressing a press conference at the agency’s headquarters in Osogbo, the Osun state capital also described the claims by the All Progressives Congress that the agency received 4bn grant from the federal government as a blatant lie.

Dr Akindele also revealed that the withdrawal of Onward Specialist Hospital from OHIS is an internal issue of the hospital.

He maintained that Onward Hospital’s management had earlier written to the agency citing inflation in the country and internal restructuring as the reasons for its withdrawal adding that the agency is not defaulting in capitation to any service providers asking the general public to treat any information of such as fake news.

Akindele thereafter directed OHIS enrollees who had chosen Onward Hospital as its Service Provider to approach the agency and switch to other service providers.

The statement reads, “Within six (6) months of my administration, more than 13,000 non-civil servants have registered meaning many more people are beginning to appreciate the impact of government activities through OHIS.

“I was also surprised at the N4bn grants quoted on this publication. Whoever the author is should publicly substantiate it. Let it be known that the fund from the Federal government is meant for logistics of maintaining the Primary Health Centre.

“Osun State receive second to the last amount in the states funding and despite this, Osun has one of the best Primary Health care system in the country. The state government has committed a lot of resource in rehabilitating and upgrading the Primary Health Centres in the state. 50 of such have just been completed.”

Clarifying the issue on Onward Hospital’s withdrawal, Dr Akindele said “Onward Hospital, Osogbo, had on June 10, 2024, written to Osun Health Insurance Agency(OSHIA) indicating its withdrawal from OHIS citing inflation in the country and internal restructuring as the reasons. The hospital added that it would be willing to continue when the economy is more stable and the hospital fully restructured.

“OSHIA responded on June 19, 2024, accepting the withdrawal of services from Onward Specialist Hospital to take effect from July 1st , 2024, though, it’s violation of OHIS Operational Guidelines, which expressly states that either party must give three months’ written notice before terminating the agreement.

“Based on this, OSHIA management directed Onward Hospital to attend to all OHIS enrollees until the end of June 2024, in view of the month’s capitation that has been paid in advance.

“We wish to put on record that, Osun Health Insurance Agency has not defaulted in any monthly capitation payments(which is usually in advance) to Onward Hospital or any other service provider across the state.

“OSHIA pays the highest capitation and has the highest tariff in the whole of the South Western states.

“The support from the State Government under the leadership of Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke is unprecedented. The support given since the inception of this government exceeds that received since the creation of the agency.

“OSHIA activities from the support and directives of Mr. Governor have been sources of emulation for many states in the country. The recent enrollment of all pensioners in the state and the adequate and prompt treatments of all enrollees are verifiable testimonies.

“There have been special consideration of catastrophic medical conditions by the people’s governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke.  Supports have been given to atleast six(6) patients with renal failures(needing kidney transplants) and some serious orthopaedic conditions.

“The agency has never defaulted in its contractual obligations and responsibilities to providers, including the payment of capitation and fee for service.

“Since the inception of this administration, the agency has added new services and reviewed upwards its charges for professional tariffs.

“The health insurance ecosystem and its operations are guided by tariffs and charges contained in the Service Level Agreement mutually agreed upon and signed by the agency and the providers. Therefore, private hospital charges do not apply to our enrollees and cannot be a basis for comparison as erroneously referenced.

“For this reason, we wish to inform the general public, especially OHIS enrollees, that Onward Hospital will no longer be an OHIS service provider effective July 1, 2024. All enrollees are advised to switch to other service providers. For further clarification, enrollees can visit our office, speak with our Business Officers, or call our Customer Service Number at 07000-2255-6447.

“In carrying out all these activities with the approval and directive of Mr. Governor,  there has never been consideration of POLITICAL PARTY, Race, Creed, Religion, or Gender.

“It is most malicious, irresponsible, and condemmable for any person or group of persons to use the innocent withdrawal of ONWARD HOSPITAL from OHIS due to the economic situation of the country and internal restructuring of the hospital to mislead the public.

“It is also pertinent to inform the public that not less than twenty(20) private hospitals that were not with us initially have indicated interest to join OHIS because of the providers friendly, enrollees friendly activities of the scheme.”

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