2022 World Malaria Day: ACCI Solicits for Innovation to Reduce Malaria and Save Lives

Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has canvased Innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives as an imperative for achieving national prosperity and general well being of Nigerians as ACCI joins the world in marking the 2022 World Malaria Day.

The 2022 World Malaria Day celebrated every 25th of April themed, “Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives” is an occasion to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control. World Malaria Day focuses on Stepping up innovation in the fight against malaria, Expanding the use of the first malaria vaccine, strengthen country ownership. Ensuring resilient and equitable health systems, tailoring responses to the local setting and Improve surveillance systems.

The President of ACCI, Dr. Al-Mujtaba Abubakar in his remark said “the malaria disease affects a larger percentage of pregnant women and children pointing that the eradication plan must be focused on continued funding for multi-faceted research and strengthening of the primary health centers which is critical to the elimination of the disease. He stressed that public private partnership is essential in the drive for an efficient health sector and called on policy maker to strategize on ways to attract investment in the sector.

In 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO), reported that Africa was home to 95% of all malaria cases and had 96% of deaths. Children under 5 years of age accounted for about 80% of all malaria deaths while Nigeria recorded 31.1% of all cases which is the highest in the world.

The ACCI Vice President for Agriculture and Chairman for the Medical trade group, Dr. Kolawole Owoka stated that “for Nigeria to Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives, effort should be geared towards drastic reduction of contact between humans and mosquitoes through environmental management and the development and adoption of antimalaria vaccine that will make the country healthier.

The world malaria day is part of the National Policy Chamber policy Centre (NCPC) of ACCI activities to advocate for pro-business policies that further strengthens the business community.

Ama Agbebaku

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