Osun Presidential/NASS results reaffirm Gov. Adeleke’s Governorship victory – PDP

The massive victory of Peoples Democratic Party in Saturday presidential and National Assembly elections has revalidated and reconfirmed the validity and genuineness of Governor Ademola Adeleke’s victory at the July 2022 Governorship elections.

Making the assertion in a thank message to Osun people was the Caretaker Chairman of the PDP in Osun State, Dr Adekunle Akindele who commended Osun people for restating their political choice of last year by their massive backing for the PDP on Saturday, citing the Saturday victory as ” a stern rebuke of the APC for its attempt to steal people’s mandate through the backdoor.

” Saturday was a metaphor of rebuke and sanction by Osun people against the discredited APC and her leaders who foisted years of locust on the state through their evil minded and anti-people governance style. Our people boldly restated their entrenched opposition against the return of yesterday men through manipulation of judicial and the political process.

” In a landmark electoral outcome, Osun people widen the margins of PDP victory even beyond the July 16 level, delivering the three senatorial seats, the nine federal constituencies and the presidency on a platter of gold to the PDP. These results manifest a strong vote of confidence by the people in the leadership of Governor Adeleke.

” The people not only re-endorsed his Excellency, the Governor, voters also confirmed their satisfaction, appreciation and happiness with the many pro-people policies and programmes of the new government. The performance of Governor Adeleke got a thumbs up in a very big way from the Osun people, a very industrious population who equally value any genuine leadership who is truly committed to their well being.

” For delivering on the impossible such as the payment of backlogs of half salaries, introduction of farmers’ Intervention programmes, local projects funding, infrastructure delivery and tech innovation and ICT revolution, the people rewarded the Governor and the PDP with massive votes across the federal constituencies and the three senatorial districts. We have come through this medium to say thank you to great men and women of Osun state.

” This victory is a call to duty and we assure the population that our new mandates will be deployed to serve only the best interest of our people at all levels. We are confident that as you have backed us at the national elections, you will also vote for us at the state assembly elections. Such support will strengthen the hands of our people’s Governor to continue to deliver on good governance and masses oriented programmes”, the statement noted.

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