Addressing the Red-Herring of Omipidan, An Aide to A Non Performing Minister, By Oluniyi Isamotu

It’s always unfortunate and disappointing where you best expect wisdom but get to later interface with ridiculous and stinking stupidity.

After throwing all sorts of mudslinging to the performing Governor of Osun State to no effect, the next attempt by the traducers is to drag the most refined and philanthropic elder brother of the Governor to unwarranted political roforofo.

Addressing the intangible take of Mr Omipidan, let me ask him, if there’s no removal of fuel subsidy by the Tinubu led federal government, will there have been any need for a palliative measure by the federal government or sub-national government of the country?

If the economy of the country is not at a ‘balabulu mode’ where both the rich and poor are grappling with the survival of the fittest contest, will there be any need for a Governor to create a sort of wage award for his worker’s or pensioners at the moment aside from paying their statutory emoluments or increment when there’s need for such?

How an aide to an unperforming former Governor of Osun and an under-par Federal Minister will think his warped line of thought holds sway in Osun is what baffles me.

The President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led federal government announced Wage Award for Workers since October with an official declaration that they will start paying from September. As at today, only one month out of three months have so far being paid, infact some federal workers are still doubting the President declaration as staff of some Ministries are yet to receive one out of the three months ought to have been paid so far.

According to a news report on Punch November 1, the report was quoted thus; The source said, “Yes I did receive it. I saw the alert about 15 minutes ago. I think it is for September because the alert indicated September.”

If the federal government can only have the capacity to pay one month out of three months expected to have been paid so far, then what moral justification does Omipidan has to think he can question when Osun should have pay its own?

Moreover, it is even overrating of capacity for Omipidan to think his fallacious and garrulous statement on radio resulted to why the People’s Governor Ademola Adeleke announced his wage award for worker’s and retirees to cushion the effect of subsidy removal caused by Mr Tinubu led federal government.

The cyberspace have been awash consistently for two weeks now where Labour Leaders had reported to their union members the discussion they’ve been having with the joint-negotiating team of the government concerning this wage award. How then does Governor Ademola Adeleke approving the negotiations of several weeks and agreement of the Joint negotiating team of that of the government and Osun Labour Leaders relate to whatever gibberish Omipidan said on-air on Monday? Quite laughable.

The general public opinion in Nigeria is that Mr Bunmi Tunde-Ojo, present Minister of Interior should have been left to man the Marine and Blue Economy he was initially designated for instead of the ineffective Mr Oyetola who is only busy with non-productive meetings and photo-ops in that Ministry now.

Peradventure, if Mr Oyetola understands his job, Omipidan would had have alot on his desk to busy himself with instead of pokenosing his affairs into a state he and his principal were angrily chase away with votes by the good people of Osun State.

I least expected Omipidan who understands the ethics of journalism to result to red-herring and condescend so low to the point of going on personal attack to a man who can buy off his first to fifth generation in life. Quite disappointing.

The attempt at defamation or personal attack on Dr. Deji Adeleke shouldn’t have come from the spokesperson of a governor who hid the Covid-19 palliatives from his subjects in 2020. A government that awarded about N1.3bn projects to non-existent companies as reported by a reputable investigative journalistic outfit(ICIR). A government that camouflage the Osun State Examination Board to execute several contracts to non-existent companies (name withheld) at an exorbitant cost between June and July 2021.

Omipidan principal and the government he served committed the most insidious financial atrocities in the history of Osun. No wonder they were booted out, and the good people of Osun will never want them back again

Osun people are enjoying good governance under the administration of people’s Governor, His Excellency Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke and no amount of character assassination and defamatory attempt against him or his good family with a long history of helping people and impacting humanity positively will deter the good progress Osun is now enjoying.

We urge Mr. Ismail Omipidan to stop being embittered with the current administration in Osun State

Whether he and his gang of traducers like it or not, Governor Ademola Adeleke will continue to triumph and succeed where they fail.

Osun will not go back to Egypt again. Never again.

Oluniyi Isamotu writes from Osogbo.

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