Re: When will Dr. Deji Adeleke Address that Press Conference? by Sarafa Adeniyi

The glowing performance of Governor Ademola Adeleke is a source of envy, anger, frustration and sadness to some people. What is making some people sad is what is eliciting gratitude and happiness for many well meaning Osun people including Dr Deji Adeleke.

The last one year has witnessed achievements in one year that a former governor could not achieve in four years. Governor Adeleke’s achievements in health, education, digital economy, workers’s welfare, infrastructure among others elated the majority of Osun people and endeared him to so many locally and nationally. Hence, as the Governor is performing wonderfully well as attested to by so many well meaning Osun residents and Nigerians at large, there is no need for intervention from stakeholders including Dr Deji Adeleke.

For those who are frustrated with the strong performance of Governor Adeleke, they should be waiting for more shocks in the form of enhanced delivery of good governance. They have not seen anything yet. The Governor is poised to press on with his stellar management of state matters which has made him the envy of those rejected by Osun people.

Today, Osun workers and people are full of joy for a Governor who is fulfilling his election pledges and placing the state on the path of sustainable development. As Osun is making huge progress, stakeholders including Dr Deji Adeleke are only praying for more wisdom and divine support for Mr Governor.

To the haters and envious lot, Osun is leaving them behind.

● Sarafa Adeniyi writes from Osogbo

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