Thiago Silva to leave Chelsea at end of season

Thiago Silva has confirmed that he will leave Chelsea at the end of the season as a free agent.

Since his arrival in the summer of 2020, the 39-year-old Brazilian has left an indelible mark on Chelsea’s history, making over 150 appearances and playing a pivotal role in the club’s triumphs, including the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Speculation regarding Silva’s future had been rife in recent weeks, with his contract set to expire in the summer.

Both Silva and Chelsea have now confirmed the decision for him to move on at the culmination of the 2023/24 campaign.

In a statement shared on the club’s official website, Silva said: “Chelsea means a lot to me. I came here with the intention of only staying for a year and it ended up being four years. Not just for me but for my family, too.

“My sons play for Chelsea so it’s a source of great pride to be a part of the Chelsea family – literally because my sons are here. I hope they can continue their careers here at this victorious club that many players wish to be part of.

“I think in everything I did here over the four years, I always gave my all. But, unfortunately, everything has a start, a middle and an end. That doesn’t mean that this is a definitive end. I hope to leave the door open so that in the near future I can return, albeit in another role here.

“But…it’s an indescribable love. I can only say thank you. Obviously, when I started here, it was during the pandemic so there wasn’t any fans in the stadium. But through social media, it became something very special to me and then when the fans started coming back to the stadium and life was getting back to normal, I started to feel a lot of affection and respect for my story and for my start here.

“It is already hard saying goodbye in the most normal of circumstances but when there is a mutual love, it’s even harder. But one a Blue, always a Blue.

“The way in which I came to the club, with the support of the club, I got to the club as a leader even though I didn’t feel like it having arrived as the new guy. It’s always difficult to integrate but bit by bit I became part of the group and (Frank) Lampard played a big part in that. I am grateful to him for that.

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