Adeleke Flags-Off Dualization Of Ereja Square – Imo- Ilesha/Akure Expressway, says Houses Marked for Demolition will be Compensated

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun state on Tuesday, flagged off dualization of Ereja Square – Imo- Ilesha/Akure Expressway, while promising that all houses marked for demolition will be duly compensated.

During his address the Governor stated that it is an historic continuation of his focus on Infrastructure upgrade of Osun State and Ijeshaland in particular.

“We are all aware of our government multi-billion naira infrastructure plan for Osun state. When we announced the ambitious agenda last December, we were constrained by low funding. So we then decided to implement the infra plan in phases. We divided the various projects in the agenda into segments for funding as financing capacity increases. We started phase one for completion latest by December while we are launching a new phase to be completed in the next 12 months.

“The new phase we are launching will cover both Ilesa and other zones. As we are aware, Ilesa is to benefit from dualisation of a major road while other zones are to have flyover bridges among others. We must note that apart from the flyover and road dualisation, our government is also billed to construct a total of over 16.5 kilometers of road across the Eastern Senatorial district at 1.5 kilometers of roads per local government.

“We are here today for Ilesa ground breaking while in the next few days, we will be heading to Ile Ife, the cradle of Yoruba people. When I visited our royal father last time, I was touched with his commendation for me and our love for Ijeshaland. I use our royal father, the Owa Obokun of Ijesaland as a point of contact to Ijesa elders, elite and sons and daughters to assure them of our commitment to continue to accord Ijesaland its rightful place. I am demonstrating this love for Ijesa people through high profile appointments and infrastructure provisions.

“To that end, we are here today to officially flag off the dualization of Ereeja Square through brewery to Ilesa/Akure Expressway. The choice of the road was informed by a question of functionality”.

He, however added that his administration is focused on easing the burden of motorists and facilitating trade between the Ilesa City Centre and outer areas.

“We have records of hardship and gridlock encountered by users of this road especially around Ereja Square. A dualised road across that route will open up Ilesa city centre, facilitate trade and ease movement of goods and people.

“And so today, we are flagging off the dualization of this road which by the grace of God shall be completed in 12 months. This road which is 6.2Km length with 9.0m width of each carriageway with a median installed with solar street lights, walkway and a boulevard at some section of the road shall bring out the glory of Ijesha land”, he noted.

Adeleke also disclosed that the dualization of this road is divided into two sections which will commence simultaneously at a total cost of N16.5 billion.

“After due compliance with procurement laws, section one of the project was awarded to Horizon Nigeria limited while the second section will be handled by Showie-tee Global Services Limited.

“My dear people of Ijeshaland and Osun state in general, our administration promises local content in the infra development of our state. The agenda is to boost the local economy as noted in our five point agenda. We are convinced that Osun money should revolve within the Osun economy and the best tool to accomplish such is to ensure localisation in procurement practices.

“I must however note that in our upholding of local content, we will never and we are not compromising quality and standard. Additionally, we operate within the spirit and letters of the procurement laws and due process. We have a sacred duty to patronize local contractors to deepen the state economy, create jobs and enhance technical skills.

“As the contractors commence work on site, I urge our people especially those around the construction area to fully collaborate and support the companies. While our government has handled all outstanding issues , we also task the companies not to neglect community relations. I expect a quality job and in this respect , I call on the ministry of Works and Infrastructure to enforce the best standard in project management as well as monitoring and evaluation.

“I assure that all those whose houses are marked for demolition will duly compensated” he promised.

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