Things You Need To Know About The N100b Osun Infrastructure Plan

In a resolute effort to bridge the infrastructural gap and usher in an era of progress and prosperity, Governor Ademola Adeleke has unveiled an ambitious 100 Billion Infrastructural Plan for Osun State. This visionary plan, grounded in principles of fiscal responsibility and local empowerment, aims to rejuvenate every corner of the state. As we delve into the highlights of this transformative blueprint, it becomes clear that no aspect of Osun’s development has been overlooked. To provide a concise overview, let’s explore these pivotal elements in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How will these projects be funded?

The projects will be financed through resource leakage prevention, internally generated revenue, and Federal Government Refunds on Projects.

Q2: What are the guiding principles of this plan?

The plan is founded on strict compliance with procurement laws, due process, and the rule of law.

Q3: Will local resources be prioritized?

Absolutely. The workforce, contractors, and materials will be locally sourced to ensure that Osun’s resources benefit Osun.

Q4: What’s the expected completion timeframe?

The target infrastructures are expected to be completed within a year.

Q5: What healthcare improvements are included?

It involves the rehabilitation of 345 health centers in all 332 wards across the state and the second phase of providing potable water to underserved areas.

Q6: How about education?

Phase two of rehabilitating 31 schools in the 30 Mother Local Government and Modakeke Area Council is on the horizon, along with a forthcoming teacher recruitment drive.

Q7: Any road infrastructure enhancements?

Yes, there will be construction/rehabilitation of 45 roads, each at least one kilometer long, in each of the 30 Mother Local Governments. Plus, major town roads will be dualized.

Q8: What about urbanization projects?

Urbanization is a key focus with the construction of five flyovers, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the three senatorial districts. Additionally, streetlights will illuminate major towns.

Q9: How is healthcare being addressed?

The plan includes the second phase of the free Imole Medical Outreach, expanding access to vital healthcare services.

Q10: Will every part of the state benefit from this plan?

Yes, every area of Osun is considered. For dualization and flyovers, areas not initially covered will be listed in future plans.

Q11: Is there oversight and transparency?

A monitoring committee, comprising media and civil society representatives, has been established to ensure transparency and accountability.

As the ‘Imole’ projects illuminate every nook and cranny of the state, this comprehensive plan underscores a commitment to leave no area untouched in the pursuit of progress. Patience and anticipation for the transformation ahead are encouraged.

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