APC Leader Hails Gov. Fubara’s Strong Opposition Against FCT Minister, Calls on Tinubu to Intervene

Chukwuemeka Eze has commended Rivers state Governor Siminialayi Fubara for putting up a manly fight against the Minister of the Federal Capital Territorry, Nyesom Wike.

He has equally urged President Bola Tinubu to call the minister to order before he plunges the nation into unprecedented crisis by his ‘unholy’ actions in the affairs of Rivers State

Reacting to the fuss between the Governor and the Minister, which became public over the weekend and has transmogrified into a secessionist struggle for freedom and self determination for Fubara and his government, from the claws of Wike, Chief Eze, said the governor has earned his commendation for relying on his instinct to discard the minister.

The APC chieftain cautioned Wike to refrain from ”his custom of unbridled and overbearing indulgence targeted against efforts to resist his boundless sense of entitlement and overlordship over the public and private lives and concerns of others, especially those who hold public office in trust for the people.

Eze said, ”the ongoing crisis confirms Wike as an avaricious, characterless, unrefined and incorrigible political bigot whose existence threatens democracy and good governance and thus, does not deserve a place in the present day Nigeria political playground”.

He urged the people of Rivers State to rally around the Governor and save the State from the hands of a very unprincipled Emperor who thought that he has conquered Rivers State and her people.

”Rivers State is so sophisticated to be enslaved by an individual of the calibre of Nyesom Wike.

”Recall that there was a rift yesterday, among members of the Rivers State House of Assembly who had been tipped by FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, to commence impeachment proceedings against Gov. Fubara, for bluffing the poor trajectory of his administration and embracing the peoples oriented programs of former Gov. Chibuike Amaechi for the development of the state.

”Fubara had also rejected Wike’s moves to shut him out of every political engagements and decision within and outside the state to the extent that he was cautioned never to attend any political meetings in Abuja including PDP -Governors Forum where he holds sway as Vice Chair.

”Edison Ehie, Leader of the State House of Assembly had rejected the bid to impeach the Governor, having not committed any impeachable offense. As a result, Wike immediately directed the Assembly members to get him off the way for a seamless impeachment of the Governor and this led to the show of shame by the other moronic members of the state legislature who stopped so low to please Wike, sneaking into some unknown places even at night to remove the leader of the state Assembly.

”The attempt to commence impeachment process against Rivers State Governor just because he wants to revive most of Amaechi’s vision like the Songhai and the Greater Port Harcourt all aimed at making Rivers State not only self-sufficient and empowering most youths in Rivers state is most sad and unfortunate.

”Let me reiterate that Wike should not attempt to reignite his illegal use of five lawmakers to commence impeachment threat against Amaechi by July 2013 because this time around his plot against Fubara will fail abysmally.

”Rivers State is not Wike’s personal property for him to decide on the destiny of the State”, he stated.

The APC Chieftain counseled members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to try and study impeachment process of a Governor and stop exposing their ignorance before the entire world and to be a bit responsible and channel their energies towards the purpose for which they were elected as lawmakers rather than reducing themselves to political fiefs who only act to service the whim and caprice of a poor-bred, petty powermonger whose inglorious administration as Governor left scars of poverty, anguish and mismanagement of funds in the hearts of Rivers people.

Eze called on Governor Fubara to sustain the fight and ensure he totally breaks forth from the servitude to which he has been subjected by the FCT Minister and sustain his path with the legacies of former Transportation Minister, Chibuike Amaechi, until such a time when Tonye Cole will be sworn in as Rivers Governor.

He urged IGP Kayode Egbetokun to direct the Police Command in Rivers State not to be involved in the politics of Rivers State and act accordingly to avoid smearing the good image of the Police

Similarly, Elder statesman and Ijaw leader, Edwin Clark, has urged President Bola Tinubu to intervene in the current political crisis in Rivers State.

Clark urged Tinubu to advise and caution the FCT minister, Nyesom Wike.

He made the call in response to the impeachment notice served the state governor, Siminalaye Fubura, by members of the state House of Assembly,

Speaking at a press briefing on Monday, Clark said the President should caution Wike and the security agencies in order to avert any untold crisis in the state.
“I have been greatly disturbed by the reported developments in Rivers State in the last 24 hours. I have been reliably informed that there is a plot to unlawfully remove the Governor of Rivers State, Siminalaye Fubara, who has spent only about five months in office,” he said.
Clark claimed that the current crisis is aimed at removing the governor, force his deputy, Prof Ngozi Odu, to resign, and install the Speaker of the House of Assembly.
“Let me warn strongly, we won’t allow that to happen,” he vowed,

He said, “Last night, the hallowed chamber of the Rivers State House of Assembly was burnt, in what apparently is part of the plot to destabilise the state.

“The governor was tear-gassed and was even threatened with being shot at when he visited the Assembly Complex after the incident, to assess the level of damage.

“We are not in a barbaric state where people can do whatever they like; we are in a democracy and the tenets of constitutional democracy must be upheld by all.

“Rivers people have suffered enough political crises, the state should not be allowed to degenerate again into its dark past, and the Niger Delta Region by extension. The consequences would be dire for the stability of the region and the national economy.”

Clark emphasised that urgent action must be taken by Tinubu to prevent the escalating crisis in the state.

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