(OPINION) Osun Mastermind Group: The Truth Beneath A Facade of Public Concern

Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo

The recent noise generated by the Osun Mastermind Group regarding the Osun State Government’s 100 billion naira infrastructure plan is nothing but a feeble attempt to gain relevance and undue attention.

The group is made up of a ragtag bunch of scavengers who have no interest in the well-being of the people of Osun State. They are simply looking for a way to line their own pockets at the expense of the public.

This group, comprising a pathetic crew of opportunists, do not care about the well-being of the people of Osun State. Instead, their primary agenda is ‘knock-the-government and get paid’.

In their recent address, the group propagated a slew of lies and distortions. They alleged that the government lacked transparency about the infrastructure plan, yet the reality stands in stark contrast. The government meticulously outlined how the funds would be gotten and allocated, providing ample opportunities for public input and scrutiny. At the unveiling of the 100bn naira infra-plan, journalists were given opportunity to ask questions and critique the plan. In his response to the questions raised on how to get fund to carry out the plan, Governor Ademola Adeleke stated that he has been able to block leakages in the finances of the state in the last 11months that he has held sway, thereby giving him the opportunity to save funds for the plan. He equally stated that he has not been taking security vote due to him as Governor. Rather, he has been channeling the funds to the infrastructural development of the state. He also mentioned expanded revenue base, FG refunds etc as sources of funds. He reiterated that his government will not be taking loan to carry out the plan.

Furthermore, the Osun Mastermind Group asserted that the government lacks the capacity to execute the plan effectively. This claim, too, crumbles under scrutiny. The government boasts a commendable track record of effectually completing infrastructure projects within stipulated timelines and budgets, proving their capability. Vivid example is intracity roads began and completed within first few months of this government in many Local Government Areas in the state. Another example is provision of potable water in the 332 electoral wards in the state. Not to talk of Osogbo-Ikirun road that was abandoned by the friends of Mastermind Group, Oyetola Administration but completed within first 100days of the Adeleke Administration. The Mastermind should be questioned by the people of Osun State to provide evidences that suggest the Government may not be having capacity to execute the plan.

However, beneath the facade of concern for the public lies a bitter truth: the Osun Mastermind Group is, in essence, a front for the All Progressives Congress (APC), the party ousted from power in Osun State last year. Their bitterness over their defeat has manifested in a campaign of misinformation, aimed at undermining the credibility of the Adeleke administration.

It is imperative for the people of Osun State not to be swayed by the manipulative tactics of the Osun Mastermind Group. Their motives are far from altruistic; they are merely a group of political scavengers always seeking to exploit situations for personal gain. The public should discountenance their words, recognizing them for what they truly are: inconsequential and unworthy of attention.

Jubril Akintayo, a Project Management Consultant from Iwo LGA, resident in Abuja

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