Resign if You Seek Elective Offices, Head of Service Warns Civil Servants

The Head of Nigerian federal civil service has warned public servants seeking elective office to resign in compliance with public service rules.

In a statement , Dr Folasade Esan cited legal opinion from the Justice minister as the basis for the directive. The full memo reads as follows:

“The Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) has been inundated with requests for clarificdtion on the provision of Public Service Rules (PSR) vis-å-vis the Supreme Court Judgment as it relates to participation of civil servants in partisan politics.

  1. In the light of the above, it has become necessary to draw the attention of all civil servants to the legal opinion of the Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (HAGF&MJ) on this matter. In his letter, Ref. No. SGF/PS/HCSF/210/11 dated 26th November, 201 8, HAGF&MJ asserted, inter alia, that:

  2. “neither the 1999 Constitution nor the Supreme Court has authorized civil servants to engage in partisan politics: The provisions Of Rules 030422 and 030423 of the Public Service Rules (2008 Edition) were not nullified by the Supreme Court, hence, they remain in force and binding on all civil servants seeking to participate in nomination exercises or party primaries”.

  3. He concluded that:
    “the provisions of Rules 030402(g), 030422 and 030423 of the Public Service Rules (2008 Edition) should be enforced … and that the attention of civil servants (be drawn) to the fact that the Supreme Court judgment in [NEC vs Musa did not set aside or nullify these provisions of the Public Service Rules, hence, they must be complied with by any civil servant who wishes to seek nomination or participation in party primary elections”,
  4. Accordingly, in the overall best interest of neutrality, harmony, integrity and development of Nigerian Civil Service, all civil servants are strongly advised to be guided by the provisions of PSR and the legal opinion of Honourable AttorneyGeneral of the Federation/Minisfer of Justice on the subject.

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