Mali: President Bazoum Raises Alarm over French Withdrawal

Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum spoke about the withdrawal of Barkhane and Takuba from Mali, believing that this withdrawal could plunge the entire Sahel into chaos. 

To do this, he indicated that this situation calls for a reorganization of the Sahel countries, in particular Niger, which shares a border with Mali.

The departure of the French force Barkhane and the European Union Takuba from Mali could lead to a resurgence of the terrorist threat on the Mali-Niger border. This is at least what Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum fears, for whom the withdrawal of these forces calls for a reorganization of the countries of the Sahel in order to be able to stem the scourge of terrorism.

 “Barkhane’s departure will create a vacuum which will be filled by the terrorist organizations already present in this region. This will be a threat that will jeopardize all the stability of Mali first, then that of Niger and the sub-region by contagion effect”, thus analyzed the Nigerien head of state, who noted that Barkhane and Takuba play a decisive role in securing the north of Mali, which borders Niger.

Following the withdrawal of the two forces from Mali in a climate of tension, France and its European partners have specified that these forces will be redeployed in the greater Sahel, particularly in countries that request it.

Thus countries like Benin, in view of recent developments in this country, “it is clear that these countries have needs”, estimated Mr. Bazoum. As for his country, Niger, it should host new bases for the European military force Takuba, a decision will offer “great advantages to his country”, thinks Mohamed Bazoum who does not doubt the strike force of the said forces.

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By Wakat Sera

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