Water is Flowing to Sudan and Egypt as usual while Generating Power to the Ethiopian People- Abiy Ahmed

  Water is flowing to Sudan and Egypt as usual while generating power to the Ethiopian people who do not want to starve and thirst the people of Sudan and Egypt, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said .

The prime minister made the remark at the inaugural ceremony of the partial commencing of  power generation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Speaking on the occasion, PM Abiy stressed that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will benefit all African brothers and sisters, including Sudanese and Egyptians.

According to him, Ethiopia does not want to harm anyone. The country’s goal is to use the power for its large population that has never seen electricity and to alleviate poverty.

The premier further noted that what the whole world wants to know is that water flows to Sudan and Egypt as usual.

And this is happening accompanied by power and generation; and we have put today into practice what the Ethiopian people and government have been stating reassuringly that they do not want to starve and thirst the people of Sudan and Egypt.

“Today, the first turbine of Africa’s largest power plant has begun generating power. This is a good news for our continent as well as the downstream countries with whom we aspire to work together,” Abiy underscored.

Ethiopia’s desire with regard to the dam is not just to produce and use the energy and benefit neighboring countries, but also to export power to Europe to reduce gas emission that affects the environment, the premier revealed.

This is not a day dream, he elaborated, adding that the country has high rainfall and many rivers that enable it to build many dams and benefit other countries.

The premier requested the Western world and those who have finance to cooperate with Ethiopia in building new project by changing the existing water politics to ensure mutual benefit.

Abiy thanked Haile Selassie I for his great dream, former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who laid cornerstone for the dam, and former Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn as well as other Ethiopians and institutions that have contributed for the realization of the dream.

Former Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said on his part this work is a work of generations. It is a great achievement for the Ethiopian people to be able to carry out this huge project, despite the many problems.

“We have become exemplary to Africans. Africa has a lot of resources, but with their divide-and-rule policy — like what’s now happening in our country, the bomb they planted has been exploding here and there preventing Africa from developing,” he said.

Ethiopians have to avoid divisions and conflicts, despite differences, the former PM said, adding that this is the right time to stand together without ethnic, religious and age differences. “If we miss this chance, there will be a situation in which we can loss our country.”

“Therefore, as an elder man I call on all Ethiopians to stop fighting each other and stand together.”

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