PDP Hails Ife People as Oyetola’s Rally Records Low Turn Out

The poor outing of Governor Gboyega Oyetola at Ile-Ife was a true reflection of his poor performance and a potent signal for his eventual defeat at the forthcoming governorship election, the Ademola Adeleke Campiagn Organisation has declared.

In a statement signed by the Chairman of its Media and Publicity Committee, Prince Diran Odeyemi, the campaign organisation said “a failure of any government at Ile Ife, the cradle of Yoruba people, is a confirmation of abysmal performance state-wide.

“We make bold to say there was no concrete achievements the administration could point at in the last four years at Ile-Ife, hence the courageous decision of Ife people to treat Oyetola and his team like a leper during the campaign tour.

“Like everyone knows, people of Ile-Ife are politically active and sensible and would therefore put their votes to elect their son as the deputy governor, rather than wasting such on an administration that neither benefit them, in any concrete way nor have any plan for them in the next four years.

“That show of shame on Thursday at Ile Ife is enough reason for any government with discerning mind to be preparing its handover notes rather than junketing around the state in frivolities, wasting the tax payers money. We will also like to advise the failing administration of Governor Oyetola to campaign based on issues and achievements, if he has any, rather than chasing the shadows of denigrating People Democratic Party. Such diversionary style only cement the conclusion of Osun voters that the Governor is bereft of governance ideas, hence his switch to personality attacks.

“Our candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke at the Osogbo rally reeled out his five point agenda which included (1) prioritisation of workers’ welfare and rights; (2) boosting State economy through financial partnering and support for business class; (3) Osun money serving Osun people through home-grown infrastructure policy; (4) people-focussed social policy through skill-based education, affordable health care, state security, and social security support; (5) and Agro-based Industrialisation for wealth and job creation for youths and women.

“It is thus a sad commentary on a sitting governor to have nothing to report to Osun people at the maiden flag off of his re-election campaign but rather choose to dwell on personality attacks and street talks. Senator Adeleke on the other hand proved his readiness to govern and salvage our people from poverty and under-development.

“As the campaigns become intense days ahead, we urge the good people of Osun State to avoid the APC like a plague in view of the transfer of aggression they will display on all fronts, over their dismal performance. We don’t want anyone to become a casualty of the thugs that have been hired by the rampaging campaign team of Governor Oyetola to unleash terror on our people.

“Our focus and attention should be to, on election day, show the failed administration red card. Let us show courage and strength to affirm and assert our right to elect a governor of our choice.

“In this case, we commend Ile Ife people for launching the red card show and for embracing Imole, Senator Ademola Adeleke.”

How the Rally Flopped

A news site , Osun Situation Room had posted posted details of how the rally at ile Ife flopped as follows:

“A mega rally put up to flag-off the campaign of Governor Gboyega Oyetola turn out a mess as the people of Ile-Ife, the cradle of Yoruba race, stayed away from the political event on Thursday.

Governor Oyetola is seeking re-election into office on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and choose Ile-Ife to kick-off his campaign in what was calculated will reenact the wave of Oyetola’s predecessor, Rauf Aregbesola, during his re-election bid in 2014.

It was gathered that the event was scheduled to begin at 10:00am but could not go on as organisers have a serious trouble convincing people on why they should attend. One of the organisers who confided into this reporter, noted that the task of bringing people to the rally ground was the hardest political activity he has ever been engaged in his life.

“When we were planning the rally, we know it will not be easy to get people to attend but never did we thought Ife people will be this defiant,” the visible exhausted organiser noted, adding that “As we approached people to join the rally for Governor (Oyetola) re-election, the question we keep getting is, what has he done to deserve that. We tried to explain that the Governor (Oyetola) pay salary and would have done well with physical infrastructure but for paucity of fund, our people were not persuaded by the excuses we throw up as they asked us how Makinde was doing well.”

It was the cold attitude from Ife people to the rally that made Iyiola Omisore, the National Secretary of the APC, to delay the arrival of Governor Oyetola at least twice, another insider source revealed.

Omisore did not expect the response the rally for the re-election of Governor Oyetola elicited, and flew excuses to delay the governor’s arrival to the ancient town, in an effort to prop up attendance so as to create an impression.

“I believe yesterday rally will qualify as one of the most embarrassing moment for Oga (Omisore’s) political experience as the flop was just unbelievable,” she relayed anonymously. “In fact, we are still trying to understand what happened because Ife people have always show Oga (Omisore) support and I think there is serious need to review the message their snub passed to us,” she stressed.

When Governor Oyetola made way into Ife at few minutes to 4pm, the cold reception was even louder as the ecstasy that is usually associated with the appearance of a governor was absent, Funmilayo, a resident in the ancient town told this reporter.

She added that upon sensing the mood of Ife people to the presence of Governor Oyetola, the convoy choose to move around the town in the thought that it could generate sensation but it failed to impress the people as they totally ignored the procession.

“With what I saw yesterday, it is clear enough that Ife people do not buy the re-election bid of Oyetola,” Funmilayo noted, adding that “Apart from the non-performance of Oyetola, it is safe to conclude from their moods that they will prefer Deputy Governor coming to the town than nothing which the APC arrangement promised.”

When reminded that the APC already made an Ife indigene the National Secretary, she quipped on the larger impact of such position to the town compared to a Deputy Governor “because this is not the first time that Ife will produce National Secretary of a ruling party and I don’t see why we will sacrifice a Deputy Governor seat for a party position.”

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