Can Kwankwaso Outsmart PDP, APC?

Former Defence Minister , Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is a political thunderstorm in Nigerian politics going by his antecedents and strong presence in Kano and many northern States.

It is a fact that the only northern politician with fanatical loyalists all over northern Nigeria is the former Kano state governor. The red cap symbolises his political movement.

Strangely, the only northern politician with cultlike following of President Muhammadu Buhari in Arewa politics is this former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives. His popularity is therefore not debatable.

His third force is a bold statement within national politics. The National Movement is an attempt to challenge the hegemony of the two leading political parties. The details are sketchy but the names mentioned alone is enough to raise questions.

If Kwankwaso is a flagbearer of any party without a Buhari on the ballot, northern voters may be up for grab. This is more so as other parties are looking to the South for their presidential candidate.

The North is not willing to let go of power. A Kwankwaso on the ballot may create serious challenges for the established parties.

But how serious is Kwankwaso and his camp?

The next few days will reveal a lot.

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