Is Assimi Goïta Winning Malian Terror War?

Is the dazzling success of the Malian army against the terrorists showing the perseverance and determination of Asimi Goita bearing fruit?

A report by Continental Africa cited recent army successes despite ECOWAS sanctions.

In Mali, the army led by Colonel Assimi Goïta has shown that it can fight terrorism better than foreign forces. His latest results speak for themselves.

A few years ago, in Europe, more precisely in France, terrorism was rampant. After the chaos in Libya caused by France, the fundamentalist war gradually shifted to Africa. 

Since then, all the countries of the Sahel have been confronted with jihadist terrorism with a focus on Mali. The Malians did not accept this situation and sought very early to fight the evil.

As part of its bilateral relationship with France, Mali has requested assistance in equipment and air intelligence to eliminate terrorism on its territory through its own soldiers. 

In a way, Paris would prefer to send its own soldiers to Mali to directly fight these terrorists. 

Launched in 2013, Operation Serval, which should only last a few months, will continue to this day under the name of Barkhane.

Meanwhile, terrorists have multiplied where the Malian army has lost ground. This situation will lead Colonel Asimi Goita to revolt because of local injustice, to carry out a first coup and then a second coup. 

Since taking office, the new strongman of Bamako, with the help of his partner Russia, has raised the morale of the Malian army armed with weapons, ammunition and planes. 

The first extraordinary result confirmed by press release n°004 proves it.

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