Burkina Faso: Niamey Leadership Takes Precautions-Reports

Niger’s president, Mohamed Bazoum, is worried about his life and his position.

Faced with the situation in Burkina Faso marked by mutinies in strategic barracks in Ouagadougou, Mohamed Bazoum left the presidential palace to go to sleep in his residence.

According to BeninWebTv, the President of Niger Mohamed Bazoum, remained on the alert.

According to a security source from the presidency of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum refused to sleep in the presidency. He has indeed left the presidential palace to sleep in his residence.

The current situation in Burkina Faso puts all ECOWAS heads of state on alert, a senior Nigerien state official said Sunday night.

According to the latest news, the situation in Burkina Faso has resulted in the arrest of President Roch Kabore. The mutineers would have already called on him to resign. They have taken national television by storm and are about to make a statement.

In a statement on Sunday, the mutineers brandished a list of six demands which include, among other things, the departure of army chiefs and “more suitable means” in the fight against jihadists.

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