Kwankwaso Storms Maiduguri, Drums Support for Aspiration

From: Kwiza Mbumbeh, Maiduguri

The Presidential candidate for the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso has declared that youths are to effect change in addressing insecurity, unemployment and poverty in Borno state.

According to him, the few politicians will continue to loot the State’s treasury at the expense of serving the people that voted them into office since 1999.

Kwankwaso, spoke at the weekend (Saturday) at a Town Hall meeting in Maiduguri, after inaugurating the party’s secretariat complex in Abbaganaram ward of the metropolis.

He said; “Today’s visit to Borno state has enabled God to bring time of change. This is the time for the youths elect credible leaders for the development of the state and the country at large.”

He said that since he arrived at the Maiduguri airport, youths, women and children trekked to the party office for inauguration, despite the four-hour rainfall.

Continued; “While we were driving to the office site, what was in my heart was how could the youths be educated to secure their future in the state.”

He added that the youths after their education will be fully employed in the various sectors of the economy to improve their living conditions.

Besides the full engagements of youths, NNPP has worked out strategic plan to restore permanent electricity, including security architectures, as being the former minister of defense during the Obasanjo administration.

He, therefore, assured the people that if the Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, House of Representatives and State House of Assembly candidates win the 2023 general elections, they will convert the state like Kano during his administration in Nigeria.

He noted that it is a challenge for the youths and the entire people in the country.

Besides the challenge, he warned that there are few politicians who do not want to effect any change in the development process of the state.

“They want the status quo to be sustained for their selfish interest,” he warned, stating that the few politicians will continue to loot the States’ treasuries at the expense of serving the people that voted them into office for decades.

“These are what we wanted to correct, if the electorate vote for NNPP candidates in the 2023 general elections,” he said, so that the people can benefit from the nation’s natural, human and capital resources with adequate security.

He added that this will enable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) return to liberated communities with houses, schools, roads, hospitals provided along with their livelihoods.

On the merger with other parties win elections, he said: “This had been occurring during the Obasanjo and Buhari administrations for about 16 years, but there was no change in overcoming the myriads of security, economic and power problems,” noting that it is belated for any party to merge with other political parties in the country

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