FIRS Introduces Self-service Stations in Tax Offices

The Federal Inland Revenue Service has notified the taxpaying public of the introduction of “Self-Service Stations” in all the FIRS Tax Offices nationwide to support taxpayers in utilizing the TaxPro Max solution.

To enhance voluntary tax compliance, the Stations will, among others, provide taxpayers the opportunity to carry out the following services online while in the Tax Office:
⁃Filing tax returns
⁃Paying taxes
⁃Applying for and validating TCCs
⁃Generating receipts & credit notes.

Furthermore, to make it more convenient for the taxpayers, the Self-Service Stations have designated officers readily available to assist taxpayers with any technical difficulty or concerns that may arise.

The Service enjoins taxpayers to take advantage of the Self-Service Stations in fulfilling their tax obligations. Taxpayers may also call the Contact Centre on: 09074444441, 09074444442, 09072111111, 09073777777 for enquiries & support.

Thank you for paying your taxes promptly.

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