Nigerians Blame NNPC for Adulterated Fuel

The Nigerian National Petroluem Company limited has been accused of failing to enforce due diligence on imported fuel , leading to current crisis.

A cross section of Nigerians interviewed by our reporters in Abuja, Lagos and Kano questioned the failure of the company to ensure appropriate quality of fuel before distribution to Nigerians.

While calling on the company to accept responsibility for the crisis, those interviewed said the promise of investigation into the incident is an afterthought.

” There is a failure within the system. NNPC limited failed to check quality of imported products. That is a serious failure”, one of the respondents said.

Another question if there is no department responsible for quality assurance before distribution.

” What is PPMC doing? Somebody should by now have resigned or sacked”, she said furiously in Lagos after her car was grounded by the adulterated fuel.

” Now they are dragging President into it. Who approve the distribution of the fuel? Who pay the importer ? Who approve the fuel ? These are basic questions. NNPC has really failed the nation”, another respondent said.

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