OPINION: What food would they eat to break the fast

By Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo

The Osun State chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC), in its newest episode of comedy, ordered its members to fast for seven days in anticipation of the tribunal judgement, but this decision raises serious questions about the party’s true intentions.

Apart from the fact that this is a futile mission as the tribunal’s decision will not be influenced by an insincere prayer, the party’s actions have shown little concern for the well-being of its members, many of whom are poor citizens who have been impoverished by the actions of the erstwhile government.

They have struggled to find adequate food and shelter, and have seen their economic livelihoods deteriorate as a result of the party’s policies. These people have inadvertently been fasting for years. No thanks to the maladministration of APC, their own party.

It is deeply concerning that the party would now ask these same citizens to fast when they had already tormented them with hunger.

Will the two cups of rice given to them by the Oyetola Government in the past or the #10,000 used to buy votes still be enough? The answer is clear.

The party’s decision to ask members to fast is a prime example of their inhumane and anti-masses attitude.It appears that the APC is a party of jokers, leading their members on with the false hope of getting back to government.

They are giving their members the false hope solely because they want them to remain steadfast for the upcoming general election.

This is why they have embarked on a media trial, trying to influence public opinion in their favour. Oyetola and the leadership of the APC know quite well that they don’t have a good case at the tribunal.

They are just using their members as pawns in their political game, without any regard for their well-being or livelihoods.It is disheartening when the leaders of a political party prioritize their own interests over the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. The APC’s actions are a clear indication that they are not the party to lead the people of Osun State.

Their leaders have shown time and time again that they are more concerned with their own power and interests, rather than the welfare of their members and by extension, the citizens.It is clear that the people of Osun State have made their wishes known. They have shown their support for Governor Ademola Adeleke and his government.

The APC’s attempts to unseat him through the tribunal are a blatant disregard for the will of the people. No amount of media trials or false hopes can change the fact that Governor Adeleke is the popular choice of the Osun populace.

Gboyega Oyetola and the leadership of the APC should understand that attempting to come back to power through the backdoor will not work. The people have spoken and their choice for governor is clear.

It is time for the APC to accept defeat and work towards rebuilding the trust of the people they have lost. The party should focus on addressing the needs of the citizens, rather than trying to manipulate the system for their own gain.

It is important for the political process to respect the popular will of the people. Attempts to undermine the will of the people can only lead to further mistrust and disillusionment towards the political process.

The APC should accept the outcome of the election, apologize to the people of Osun for misgoverning them and go back to the drawing board.

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