‘See, hold, feel it’ – Female pastor urges ladies to ‘test’ their men’s dick before marriage

A female Ghanaian pastor, Rev Dr Nana Yaa Prempeh, has urged unmarried ladies to test their men’s dick to be sure it is working before they settle to marry them.

The clergywoman said it is pertinent for ladies to see, hold and feel their men’s manhood before settling to marry them so as to avoid broken homes and divorce.

Prempeh who pastors Authority Bible Church, Ghana, said this in a recent interview with GTV which has gone viral.

“I am one of the women of God who thinks that before you marry a man you must see his p3nis. You must see it, you must hold it, you must feel it, and make sure it’s working. Why are you feeling like I’m not supposed to talk like that?” She said.

She also told the ladies to stop judging the p3nises of men by their physiques adding that most tall and hefty men cannot satisfy their women sexually.

“I want to caution the women who think when you find a very tall man, you think he has a strong, heavy and nice and long d*ck. No! No! If you use the sight of a very tall man to think that his p3nis would be nice and enjoyable, you are wrong,” she said.

“Don’t be deceived that it is men that are tall and having a thing like this hanging there. If you are a woman and you are judging a man by the size of his body that ‘that he is the kind of man I want’ and you get on the bed, he is looking for where he places his p3nis, he can’t even find it.

“So a bedmatic becomes a disaster right from day one. I know women who have run away on their honeymoon. That’s why I am none of the women who think… Listen to me, I am a woman of God, I am a pastor. The name of my church is Authority Bible Church,” she added.

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