Op-Ed: Why JANDOR will Beat Sanwoolu

The perfunctory relish of satisfaction after the emergence of JANDOR as our party gubernatorial candidate could not be over emphasized given the inherent political fluidity and faultlines we find ourselves.

‘Lagos PDP’ have been through too many challenges for over two decades with purported party ‘ Leaders and Elders’ constantly at loggerheads with each other ‘over a spilled milk that no one gets to enjoy… Because, we got so distracted by our EGO and continuously embroiled in fights of lucid supremacy that gets us NOWHERE but excuses.

Isn’t such enough for us to sit and have a rethink to allow who knows the road to lead us to victory come 2023 ?

The eventualities of the recent primaries held at various locations of the state seemed to have left majority of us aggrieved, Even after the reconciliatory efforts made by JANDOR himself.

While some alleged that he is a mole others prefer to hide under the curtain to throw stones at a man who is destined for greatness.

We also hear some of our people went to court for legal interpretations on a resolvable family matters. As IF given the opportunity they would do same to protect and project themselves for the ultimate WINNING come 2023. Or if they they had a better plan for us – Why couldn’t they put it into use before now ?

But – JANDOR had a better plan for everyone in Lagos PDP- This man truly knows the game.

Pundits would say : it was an end to a sordid tale of intrigues and gerrymandering. Needless to say JANDORS projected victory is one that outsmarted the invidious plot to sustain a dissected hegemonic political grip in Lagos state PDP. These feat should be in the history books.

Sentiment aside, whatever ‘Jandor ‘ did and will do to make PDP win over Lagos State in the coming 2023 elections should be keyed into by all our people in PDP.

This man truly knows the road. We must follow him with the supoort of the various Party Chairmen.

Personally, I don’t know Jandor from anywhere neither have I had any contact with him to analyse and buttress more on his plans for us.

His disposition alone is leaves no one in doubt of his abilities.

Just as the popular saying- FOLLOW WHO KNOW ROAD

Let’s indulge everyone to key into his political plans for Lagos PDP. JANDOR TRULY KNOWS THE ROAD AND HE IS DEFINATELY THE SPARK WE ALL NEED TO WIN LAGOS STATE COME 2023 ELECTIONS.

Listening again to series of interview granted on Channels TV’ and his official declaration at Ikeja – He had left us all with no choice but to TRUST him with all we have and ensure we all WIN.

Jandor is generally known to be a team player, consummate political strategist who understands the political and administrative needs of all Lagosians.

He definitely our Governor elect.

No ! He is not a newbie neither is he ambitious to have come this far to create such a TSUNAMI in Lagos PDP’ with his ‘Lagos 4 Lagos team’ whom are apparently ready to deliver on all fronts.
Once again – Jandor is not just a political figure for the records, His prints have depicted a change in our grassroot political penetrations which we all must key into.

Jandor has been around and leading the fight from within for a long time in a political emancipation to liberate Lagosian with his deliberate intervention to alter the political trajectory of the ruling party to our favor.

‘A silent planner indeed’

His sphere of influence across board undoubtedly saw him rally round all the forces that will make his victory possible in coming election.

Lagos is winnable with Jandor.He is an articulated, strategeveand rugged fighter who knows his onions and wants the best for all.

Even in the midst of the general cynicism and debate about the choice of his running mate His sublime humility and ability to reach out to friends, associates and political footsoldiers is part of the reason why Jandor stands tall amongst others. His knack for doing things differently also distinguishes him from others.

Let us all ACCEPT whoever runs with him ( DEPUTY ) as our own person – All we want is VICTORY FOR LAGOS STATE PDP come 2023 elections.

The other contestants in the ruling party and others are surely having sleepless nights and uncomfortable with the developments in our party both at the National and State levels.

Reasons, we must follow who knows the road to our victory.
Jandor is no doubt, the man to lead us all into the battle and win in the coming elections in Lagos State.

All our party officers, excos, leaders, elders, youths and members – Should for the sake of PDP having a good record in Lagos key into the ” JANDOR’S SPARK” to win Lagos state come 2023.

How many do we need to mention, Jandor is fully prepared, Aside from having a solid war chest coupled with network of of influence, he surely knows the game. This is why the optics were in his favour during the primaries while the rest of us were still trying to figure it out.

– This is truly a man who is ready to WIN.

We do not want Jandor to be impaired by the poor performances of our party leaders, since acquired the credibility that makes him his own brand. He has also shared in the aspirations of the masses by raising concerns about the ugly realities that stare us in the face. What will count in his favour against the incumbent, are a combination of factors which I knew he is yet to unveil.

Fact is – Public penetrations, acceptance and opinion may not be in our favor – WHICH IS A TASK WE ALL MUST COLLECTIVELY EMBARK on a daily basis.

Opinion poll may not vary with the voting masses hence we all have to work to break the jinx with massive investment in ‘Media and PR to work tirelessly for our winning.

The battle is indeed a ‘ Sanwo Olu against our JANDOR’ . What a task before us given the peculiarity of our challenges

Truth is there are more hurdles to scale especially in the ongoing reconciliation moves to unite all aggrieved members to key into our best hand who will surely win the coming elections and months ahead will portend interesting dynamics as the 2023 elections draw closer. For sure, there would be some outcomes that will alter the permutations for birthing a new paradigm in the coming months. But indeed Jandor’s candidacy sparkles and excites us all in Lagos state PDP.

We must allow and let who knows the road lead us to victory.


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