APC is Planning Violent Attacks on Adeleke, PDP Leaders- Party Chairman

Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has strongly rebuked a group accusing the party and its Governor-elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke of raising a killer squad ahead of November inauguration, describing such allegation as “a worst case than pot calling kettle black”

In a statement issued on Monday by the party’s Caretaker Chairman, the party viewed with all seriousness the accusation coming from a faceless group fronting for the All Progressive Congress (APC) as it represents the hidden agenda of the APC to unleash mayhem on the state and launch assassination bid on key leaders of the PDP.

” By raising this false flag, the APC is clealy planning to eliminate PDP leaders as a way plunging Osun into violent crisis. We warn the APC and their operatives that nothing ontoward should happen to PDP leaders and its Governor-elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke. We take serious exception to veiled threat and we call on security agencies to investigate the APC proxy group for constituting needless threat to the peace and security of Osun state”, the Party Chief affirmed.

Osun PDP declared that in its years of struggle for power, it consistently employs peaceful means to canvass for votes until her landslide victory in the July 16 election, adding that “it is the APC that has open records of nurturing and deploying thugs for political purposes.

” The PDP is a party of peace. We all read how APC thugs attacked the Lagos state PDP governorship candidate. We saw how sponsored APC thugs swooped on the Kaduna campaign ground of PDP Presidential campaign. In recent Osun case, we all watched how APC paraded Asiri Eniba , Oko Ilu and other violent personalities. PDP has no record of violent politicking”, Dr Adekunle clarified.

It is on record that the APC felt the pain of Ajagungbade’s defection, as such they sponsored their paid thugs to threaten and go after the life of Ajagungbade, and when they failed in their bid to get him desperately out of circulation, they sponsored a malicious petition against him.

As a responsible and law abiding citizen, Ajagungbade approached the Federal High Court sitting in Osogbo for the enforcement of his fundamental right to liberty, right to life and freedom of movement, joining in the suit the Police and the APC notorious thug called Asiri Eniba as the defendants in the suit.

For the sake of clarity, the Federal High Court has granted an order of maintaining STATUS QUO, that is, restraining the police acting through themselves or any third party from arresting, detaining, incarcerating or doing anything capable of bringing threat to the liberty, life and right to freedom of the said Ajagungbade our esteemed member who has been acting responsibly and conducting himself peacefully since he joined our Party.

We must put on record that our party does not habour ravenous and notorious thugs like the APC which habours self-confessed thugs who have been in and out of police net several times, and still on the wanted list of the police. Ours is a party of discipline, high moral standard and respect for rule of law.

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